409, 2015

Project Management Methodologies for Big Data Analytics

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Many companies today are in the very early stages of adopting Big Data analytics. They are likely to go down a road ahead filled with experimentation and discovery. From many decades of IT history it is known that a significant number of large projects or new initiatives just end up in failure, or do not deliver all the results they promised. Business analytics is not the same as IT, of course, but there is a significant element of IT work in analytics. In addition, analytics [...]

2708, 2015

6 Tips for Analytics Success

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Many companies today, especially those in the medium and large enterprise categories, are investing in setting up analytics teams and projects. They put together data scientists, give them tools, and provide support and guidance of various kinds from the IT and business functions. Depending on the specifics of the organization’s design, culture and ways of operating the new function is assigned a leader and an owner. In addition to all of this, however, there are additional considerations that have to be taken into account in [...]

1808, 2015

BI Specialist or Data Scientist?

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The continued increase in business competition in every industry sector, and the resulting efforts to find new means and ways to stay ahead of the game has led, among other things, to an emerging increase in the demand for data scientists. But what exactly are they expected to do that can’t already be done by the existing business intelligence (BI) folk? Are data scientists going to replace conventional BI practitioners? The answer is easy: no, they will not, even though the kind of technology that [...]

1008, 2015

Data Quality Management for Better Big Data Analytics

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For businesses that have begun using it, business analytics has become a valuable means of uncovering insights that aid decision making in many areas. For business analytics to produce reliable results, it has to be available in the right volumes (for statistically valid results) and at the right time. It must also be of the right quality. There’s no doubt that most medium and large scale businesses capture and store significant amounts of data that is processed by their core business support systems as well [...]

2907, 2015

Dealing with Data Democratization

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Whatever the size of companies operating in current times, chances are that their IT departments are no longer the sole custodians of enterprise data. Business users everywhere have more and more access to various types of data and information from various sources. They need this data access in order to operate more efficiently and in order to be able to make decisions faster. They also want their data to be more portable, so that they can transfer it from one device to another easily, or [...]

2107, 2015

Inside a Data Driven Organization

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Isn’t just about every company in the world data driven already? In the business world, information technology (IT) is all about using technology to support and enable business functions, and most modern businesses already use IT in some way or the other. IT is used to provide the very core business platforms for e-commerce business, telecoms and SAAS-based businesses, but even those that are real world businesses use IT almost pervasively across the organization. Whatever the industry vertical, chances are that a modern business, whether [...]

1507, 2015

From SQL to NoSQL: The Continued Evolution of Databases

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As software application technology changed over the decades the evolution in languages and their capabilities resulted in a steady pervasion in computing. With it, of course, there has also been a matching evolution in database storage and retrieval methods. At first there were simple flat files, but this quickly proved to be inefficient in many ways. Then there were hierarchical databases with VSAM and ISAM files and while these suited the processing paradigms of those times (which was mainly batch oriented), they demanded added complexities [...]

607, 2015

Does Analytics Need Big Data?

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There’s so much jargon being thrown around these days. Some of it relates to new or emerging technologies that are actually quite independent, but because so many of these names and terms are often mentioned together it only adds to the difficulty that non-technical business leaders have in understanding these technologies and where they might be of use to their companies. "Big data analytics" is one such term. Alternatively, one also hears of "analytics and big data". And then there’s "marketing analytics", "social media analytics", [...]

1903, 2015

Business Intuition: a Key Input in Big Data Analytics

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I’ve sometimes been asked why it is that there’s so much more emphasis on the involvement of the business in analytics projects, and why it’s any different from the need to involve the business in IT or software development projects. This question is indeed a valid one. After all, no business software would serve its users well unless it was designed to meet their needs. In order to find out what those needs are the developers would need to speak to the business to understand [...]

1903, 2015

Six Steps to Big Data Analytics Success – Part 6

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Once the model has been completed and validated it can be deployed and used by the business. This is often easier said than done. The business will only accept and use a model if understand it’s value and are convinced that it will help them improve their output. Cultivating a data-driven culture is something that has to be done as a part of the broader strategy of using analytics, and one of the more fundamental ways to help it along is to make sure that [...]