An organisation with a purpose -

a purpose of making a real impact in the lives of people.

Why Sciente Consulting?

Catalyzing the Digital Transformation of Insurance: Where InsurTech Meets Business Expertise

At Sciente Consulting, we orchestrate a symphony of innovation, insurance expertise, and growth for the insurance industry. We redefine what’s possible when Technology and Business converge:

  • Holistic Insurance Approach: We don’t just fix problems; we optimize insurance ecosystems. Our ability is to complement the end-to-end journey of integrating technology and business processes seamlessly for insurers.
  • Agility for Insurance: In insurance’s rapidly evolving landscape, agility is non-negotiable. We adapt swiftly, ensuring your insurance business stays ahead of market shifts.
  • Results-Driven for Insurers: Metrics matter. Our success is measured by your success as an insurer—whether it’s increased efficiency, revenue growth, or enhanced policyholder satisfaction.

As an insurer, you want to work with an organization that understands your unique challenges, competitiveness requirements, and expectations. You need a transparent partner with insurance expertise.

With over 17 years of experience delighting insurance clients by combining InsurTech and insurance business knowledge, we have an excellent industry track record. We solve insurers’ challenges across Core Insurance Platforms, Agency Systems, Broker Portals, Analytics, Customer/Policyholder Experience, Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Actuarial & Migration/Modernization.

Our insurance credentials instill confidence:

  • Laser-focused on the insurance industry: We seek strong insurer partnerships, and clients rely on us to drive their digital transformations to stay ahead.
  • InsurTech specialization: We accurately understand insurers’ needs through our consultative approach and insurance practices. Clients prefer our exclusive insurance expertise.
  • Proven insurance processes and methodologies consistently deliver high-quality InsurTech services you can rely on.
  • Experienced insurance leadership provides direction, clarity, professionalism and motivation for insurance projects.
  • Values matter in insurance: Our ethical insurance consultants provide expert advice for informed decisions.
  • “Our mission – Delighted Insurance Clients & Community”: Our profit-making InsurTech business sponsors insurance community services and sustainability. This drives our consultants to go the extra mile for insurers.