An organisation with a purpose -

a purpose of making a real impact in the lives of people.

It all started in 2007 with our value innovation to redefine insurance technology consulting.

We defined our purpose – making a real impact in the insurance industry. We formulated the scientific way – how we shall delight insurance clients. And insurance is our sole business – we specialize exclusively in business technology consulting for the insurance sector.

Our meaningful goals are driven by our insurance focus

Go the extra mile to ensure our insurance clients succeed. Be a hybrid organization – invest significantly in innovations and services tailored for the insurance community. Enable our associates to achieve work-life success in the insurance domain.

We over-deliver on our promises to insurance clients. And we outpace expectations. That’s why insurance companies trust us as their reliable partner.

We are a team of driven professionals with dreams, uncompromising values, and a singular insurance purpose.

Our diverse, passionate leaders hail from the IT industry with deep domain expertise in insurance.

Every member of the leadership team boasts an excellent track record of making an impact in the insurance sector within high-performance environments. Coupled with a passion to create a high-performance global insurance venture, and a commitment to our core values, we are absolutely dedicated to delivering beyond satisfaction for insurance clients and making a real difference in the insurance community.

At Sciente Consulting, we work exclusively with global insurance companies to address their business and technology integration challenges.

Most importantly, our successful and profitable insurance business sponsors innovations and services tailored for the insurance community to achieve an objective and purpose larger than business.

We’re 100% READY to serve the insurance industry!

With a highly trained and accomplished team of insurance techno-functional consultants, profound insurance industry knowledge, long-standing insurance client partnerships, and a 17-year proven track record in insurance technology consulting, we are 100% ready. But what truly sets us apart is our mindset of making a real impact that matters to the insurance sector.

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