Digital Enterprise

Global Insurer A

Overview: Our client, a Global Insurer is a leading multinational insurance company headquartered in Europe, with about 33 million customers across 16 countries. It is one of the largest general insurers and a major life/pensions provider. Our client focuses on European and Asian markets, particularly the growing Chinese and Southeast Asian regions. The company is also one of the largest general insurers in Canada and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Challenges: As mobile technology and social media were proliferating, to capture new opportunities and improve results, our client aimed to:

  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Reflect customer preferences for online channels
  • Improve digital experiences for customers and advisors
  • Provide online access to over 4.5 million policies for self-service management

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente worked closely with our client to assemble teams of professionals well-suited culturally to the organization. Dedicated teams solved pressing customer experience issues by building effective B2B and B2C online portals as intended.

Additional teams were formed to supported the insurer’s mission-critical core insurance platform. When client envisioned disrupting the industry by becoming a world-leading fintech company, Sciente provided required expertise about realizing that transformational vision.

Outcome and Benefits: Through Sciente’s collaborative approach towards the convergence of business specialisation and technology talents, our client successfully navigated digital transformation to drive:

  • Enhanced customer experiences via new online portals
  • Modernized core insurance operations
  • Long-term strategic capabilities to lead fintech innovation

Sciente’s contextual expertise and tailored approach enabled our client to achieve key milestones toward their digital future.

Business Application Management

Global Insurer B

Overview: Our client is one of the top global insurance companies and the market leader for general insurance, life and pensions. They have major businesses across Continental Europe, North America, and Asia.

Challenges: With a strategic focus on Asia, the insurer entered the general insurance market starting with direct online car insurance. Their objective was to gradually increase their product portfolio to include home and travel insurance as well.

Employing a direct B2C online sales model for general insurance required an aggressive go-to-market timeline. The key challenges were:

  • Build an online platform quickly to enable product launches
  • Re-engineer the system for robustness while integrating with backend systems
  • Offer a world-class, consistent user experience to drive repeat visits

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente partnered with the insurer, complementing their capabilities to build a comprehensive solution meeting all objectives.

Sciente’s team designed and developed part of the platform, enabling efficient introduction of multiple new products for customers. The solution also reduced complex back-office processes through straight-through processing via a common client.

Outcome and Benefits:
With Sciente’s services for rapidly deploying a robust online platform with an optimized user experience, the global insurer was able to:

  • Gain good traction in Singapore’s general insurance market within 6 months of go-live
  • Streamline product launches and back-end operations
  • Establish an engaging digital experience for customers

Sciente’s partnership enabled this insurer’s aggressive Asian market entry by providing focused implementation resources aligned to their digital expansion strategy.

Data Center Migration & Consolidation

Regional Insurer

Overview: As part of a strategic decision, our client aimed to consolidate their regional data centers and migrate operations to a new country location.

Challenges: This complex initiative involved two major challenges:

  1. The large-scale data center consolidation itself
  2. Relocating the consolidated data center across countries

Effective overall program management was crucial to minimize downtime while ensuring:

  • Seamless operational processes
  • Adherence to regulatory guidelines
  • Optimized project plans and schedules

Sciente Value/Services: Sciente initially worked with the client to structure the program, defining individual projects within the overall data center migration.

We then provided program/project management oversight and services, including:

  • Detailed migration planning for sensitive regulatory workstreams
  • Expert reviews to refine project plans, schedules and resourcing
  • Management of outsourced work packages

Sciente also jointly reviewed and enhanced operational processes to improve efficiency in the new consolidated data center.

Outcome and Benefits: With Sciente’s services across program/project leadership, the client successfully executed their strategic data center initiative by:

  • Consolidating distributed regional operations
  • Seamlessly relocating the facility across countries
  • Operationalizing with optimized processes and resourcing
  • Addressing regulatory complexities compliantly

The new state-of-the-art regional data center, delivered through structured program governance, positioned the organization for scalable future growth.