Digital technology.

Customer Delight.

Redefining the Insurance Business

Digital technologies have given rise to completely reimagining how insurance processes can work to bring the insurer and its services directly to policyholders. Digital transformations result in internal insurance systems seamlessly aligning with and becoming part of the online world policyholders engage with. They also involve converging technologies like cloud, mobility, analytics, automation, and security to bring together functions from across an insurance company into a more meaningful and informative policyholder experience.

Some digital transformation opportunities insurers have embarked on involve:

  • Redefining the policyholder’s user experience
  • Multi-channel policyholder service
  • New insurance products/models partnering with InsurTech startups
  • Utilizing the cloud to improve availability while lowering costs
  • Improved security for transacting across devices/channels
  • IoT and AI use cases to personalize pricing, improve interactions, and better manage risk

Sciente Consulting brings the right skills and insurance talent to complement insurers’ digital transformation efforts. Our insurance technologists blend domain expertise with deep technology understanding supporting the entire transformation lifecycle – from reimagining to implementation.


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