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Insurance Platform Implementation & Modernization

After the initial implementation of a new insurance application system or platform, upgrading, replacing, or retiring these systems becomes inevitable over time. Reasons can range from supporting new business needs, addressing capacity issues, and reducing maintenance costs, to external factors like technology obsolescence. Whatever the reason, transitioning from existing or legacy systems to new solutions is a complex challenge combining insurance business and technology requirements.

Sciente Consulting has expertise in successfully implementing complex packaged software for insurers like policy admin systems, as well as modernizing legacy environments. Our insurance package implementation and modernization capabilities address all aspects – business, technology, processes, people, and infrastructure. We can assist with specific implementation elements or provide end-to-end leadership spanning program management and change management.

We can also look at API / microservices based architecture as enablers of modernization. One other example is our partnership with Salesforce to implement their products for digitizing distribution and customer experience. We apply our business technology consulting approach to ensure these critical implementations achieve the right business outcomes for insurers.

As with all our services, we view package implementations as combined business-technology undertakings, not just technology projects. Our cross-functional consultants are ready to partner with insurers in the optimal way to drive successful transformations. It’s the Sciente Consulting way – using our value innovation to deliver differentiated services and going the extra mile to delight our insurance clients.