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Complex Package Implementation & Modernisation

The upgradation, replacement or retirement of existing application systems is, over time, inevitable in any organization. The reasons for this may be many, ranging from internal factors such as the need to move towards supporting significantly different business needs, to capacity or processing inadequacies, and maintenance cost issues. In addition, there may be external factors as well such as technology obsolescence and the unavailability of vendor or resource support on the horizon. Whatever the reason, the initiative to implementing and changing over from existing systems to new ones is a complex business technology problem.

Sciente Consulting has been involved in successful upgradation and implementation of complex package systems such as Murex and others that is available to our Clients in various engagement models. Our view of package implementation and legacy modernization, along with our capabilities, takes into account all aspects of programme scope, including business, technology, process, people and infrastructure. We are happy to participate either on select elements of implementation as necessary, or across the whole implementation, including providing leadership and change management services.

As with other services in our portfolio, we believe that package implementation and modernization is not just a business challenge and then a technology challenge. It’s a business technology challenge, one that our range of consultants are here to help with by being ready to partner in the most optimum ways to achieve the right business results. It’s the Sciente Consulting Way, where we use our Value Innovation to deliver with a difference, and do a little bit more to delight our clients.