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About Mario Lewis

Mario brings about 34 years of professional IT experience with clients across the world. He has extensive experience in business technology consulting, and he has grown and managed various types of consulting and service operations and organizations.

Poisoned Data Pipelines: When Tainted Healthcare AI Corrupts Insurance AI Models

For insurance providers, the integrity of data flowing in from healthcare providers and other sources is critical for training reliable automated underwriting, claims processing, and risk modelling systems. However, there are concerning scenarios where if upstream healthcare AI systems become compromised by data poisoning attacks, that corruption could potentially cascade through the entire AI pipeline [...]

Scaling Hadoop up to the Cloud

The advent of Hadoop for processing Big Data many years ago solved the problem of needing to scale hardware to specialized and impractical dimensions, both from the specification as well as cost points of view. Hadoop distributes processing and storage to smaller units of hardware and allows new hardware to be added as required. These [...]

Adoption of Telematics in Auto Insurance

Telematics is the application of a combination of technologies to gather data from automobiles and transmit it to a receiving organization for various purposes. It could also be two-way communication, and this again depends on the purpose. The use of telematics is an example of an end point technology that forms one part of the [...]

Traits of a Great Data Scientist

Data scientists are a rare breed. It’s not easy to find the perfect blend of skills in information technology, statistics and business. Having said that, more and more are slowly beginning to be emerge after building up their profiles through a mix of experience and training. We’re still a long way off, however, in terms [...]

Risk Management in Analytics Projects

  Business analytics with big data is increasingly being used to help manage risk in a number of areas such as operations, finance, insurance and security. While the broad lifecycle phases of any analytics project remain pretty much the same, the techniques that are used to implement each phase may vary a little depending on [...]

The Art and Science of Data Visualization

Many companies have succeeded in implementing analytics and using it for various purposes. Some of the better known companies that were early adopters included those like GE, a company that has always been associated with excellence and innovation driven by facts and metrics programs (commonly known these days as a data driven culture). They are [...]