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About Mario Lewis

Mario brings more than 24 years of professional consulting experience across North America, the UK & Europe, the Mediterranean & Africa, Asia, Australasia and India. In the course of his career, he has grown and managed various types of consulting and service operations and organizations.

6 Tips for Analytics Success

Many companies today, especially those in the medium and large enterprise categories, are investing in setting up analytics teams and projects. They put together data scientists, give them tools, and provide support and guidance of various kinds from the IT and business functions. Depending on the specifics of the organization’s design, culture and ways of [...]

BI Specialist or Data Scientist?

The continued increase in business competition in every industry sector, and the resulting efforts to find new means and ways to stay ahead of the game has led, among other things, to an emerging increase in the demand for data scientists. But what exactly are they expected to do that can’t already be done by [...]

Dealing with Data Democratization

Whatever the size of companies operating in current times, chances are that their IT departments are no longer the sole custodians of enterprise data. Business users everywhere have more and more access to various types of data and information from various sources. They need this data access in order to operate more efficiently and in [...]

Inside a Data Driven Organization

Isn’t just about every company in the world data driven already? In the business world, information technology (IT) is all about using technology to support and enable business functions, and most modern businesses already use IT in some way or the other. IT is used to provide the very core business platforms for e-commerce business, [...]

From SQL to NoSQL: The Continued Evolution of Databases

As software application technology changed over the decades the evolution in languages and their capabilities resulted in a steady pervasion in computing. With it, of course, there has also been a matching evolution in database storage and retrieval methods. At first there were simple flat files, but this quickly proved to be inefficient in many [...]

Does Analytics Need Big Data?

There’s so much jargon being thrown around these days. Some of it relates to new or emerging technologies that are actually quite independent, but because so many of these names and terms are often mentioned together it only adds to the difficulty that non-technical business leaders have in understanding these technologies and where they might [...]

Six Steps to Big Data Analytics Success – Part 6

Once the model has been completed and validated it can be deployed and used by the business. This is often easier said than done. The business will only accept and use a model if understand it’s value and are convinced that it will help them improve their output. Cultivating a data-driven culture is something that [...]