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Financial Services

Rapid changes in the post-crash global market environment continue to present challenges in capital markets and foreign exchange markets. These markets offer countless opportunities, but risks are also very high due to changing geo-economic conditions, volatility in the market and the large number of new regulations which are being introduced.

In the quest to manage risk and respond adequately to volatility, business technology strategies are playing a larger role in helping companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.


Sciente Consulting strives to help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business technology integration in the following areas:

  • Pre Trade Services – front office services, trade order management, equities/derivatives trading, commodities trading and risk management
  • Post Trade Services – technology design, requirements, clearing and settlement, collateral management, portfolio accounting, and compliance
  • Risk Technologies and Operations – data and infrastructure, credit, liquidity, market and enterprise risk
  • Risk Information Services – data analytics, data quality, data management, data transformation and reporting
  • Compliance & Regulatory Technologies – trade compliance and regulatory reporting.

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