Financial Services

The financial services markets offer tremendous opportunities, but risks remain due to changing geo-economic conditions, volatility in the market and the changes in regulations.

In order to manage risk and respond adequately to volatility, business technology strategies are playing a larger role in helping companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.

Sciente Consulting strives to help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business technology integration in the following areas:

  • Pre Trade Services– front office services, trade order management, equities/derivatives trading, commodities trading and risk management
  • Post Trade Services– technology design, requirements, clearing and settlement, collateral management, portfolio accounting, and compliance
  • Risk Technologies and Operations– data and infrastructure, credit, liquidity, market and enterprise risk
  • Risk Information Services– data analytics, data quality, data management, data transformation and reporting
  • Compliance & Regulatory Technologies– trade compliance and regulatory reporting.

There have also been immense changes brought about in the financial industry sector due to the opportunities created by digital technologies. Existing industry majors as well as new companies in the space have embark on several major initiatives to either bring about transformational change or power new offerings that involve significant change in a number of ways, including

  • Digital enablement
  • Meeting new regulatory requirements
  • Improving customer service and increasing the number of touch points
  • Reducing the cost of operations
  • Improving risk management
  • Expanding into new service areas and new markets

FinTech has perhaps been both the greatest driver of transformation within the financial sectors as well as the greatest enabler of positive change. Sciente Consulting adds value by in working with its FinTech customers on initiatives that involve the new technologies of the digital age.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Mobile and payment technologies
  • Big Data analytics
  • Blockchain
  • UX and UI
  • Security

Many banks also undertake large programmes to achieve a transformational level of change with a view to achieving a number of objectives such as

  • Operational efficiency improvements
  • Improved risk management
  • Proactive customer service
  • Improved process integration
  • Meeting new regulatory requirements

Sciente Consulting, with its track record in corporate banking & technology, strive to complement our clients’ initiatives in business technology, platform migration and business analytics in the following areas:

  • Core Banking
  • Corporate Loans
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Management
  • Internet banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Funds & Securities

At Sciente, we tailor engagements to meet the unique needs of each client. Contact us and together, let’s collaborate to transform your business in the ever-evolving landscape of Financial Services.

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