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A major part of digital enterprise initiatives lies in a rethink of how the IT infrastructure can be managed, optimised and extended to be a key enabler of new customer experiences and workforce capabilities. Technologies such as cloud, virtualisation, IoT, and mobility have matured and become the de-facto standard platforms for the delivery of a wide range of digital solutions. The banking and insurance data centres of the future work on balancing in-house capacity with the extranet cloud, while maintaining security in a highly networked environment that has to be protected across the stack, across locations and across a variety of mobile devices.

Some of the areas in which digital data centres have seen innovation are

  • An increased movement to the cloud in order to take advantage of operational efficiencies
  • Greater integration between internal and external networks and services, especially with business partners whose offerings are technology centric
  • Improved flexibility in scaling up and down to demand variation
  • Improved technologies for orchestration, monitoring, management and deployment of hardware and software
  • Standard and containerised environments to facilitate continuous, agile deliveries

Sciente Consulting brings the right skills and talent to complement its clients’ efforts in achieving their transformations. Our business technologists bring in a blend of domain and business knowledge with an appropriately deep technology understanding that supports the entire lifecycle of digital infrastructure transformation, from reimagining to implementation.

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