An organisation with a purpose -

a purpose of making a real impact in the lives of people.

Our Vision

  • Be a truly purpose-driven organisation through meaningful goals
  • go beyond business performance to make our clients succeed
  • as a hybrid organisation, invest significant part of profits for social innovations and community service and
  • make our associates achieve work-life success.

Our Mission

  • To delight Clients and Community by the spirit of the “Sciente Way”

Our Values:

  • We reward our Stakeholders;
  • We value our Clients and associates over our profits;
  • We embrace Innovation;
  • We always strive for Excellence to delight our Clients;
  • We contribute towards the welfare of Needy people in community;
  • We work as a Team and do what we say we are going to do;
  • We operate Ethically with honesty, transparency and integrity.

The “Sciente Way” is our way of being innovative, doing a little bit more than expected and aligning the whole organization towards achieving our mission to delight our Clients & Community.

We are guided by our Value-Innovation, Sciente values & integrity policy and Community/Client-centric approach, all of which form the very fabric of the “Sciente Way”.

Sciente International gets unparallel strength from the deep expertise of business & technology through Sciente Consulting, to add value in the area of IT Talent Management solutions.

Social Innovation is very much part of Sciente culture and an integral part of the planning of Sciente founding, defining of vision and mission. The chosen focus areas are to assist the children, students and professionals who are in need of advice/direction and the education of poor/marginalized.

The aspiration is to create a hybrid culture in which professionals who represent professionalism, high integrity and servant attitude to provide assistance to people who have needs – professionally, as well as the poor. It is an ingrained part of the Sciente’s culture.

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