with a business purpose.

Holistic Approach

We work with our Clients to provide Consulting and Application Management solutions to manage their portfolio of applications and derive the maximum business value at the most optimal cost.

The complete process of portfolio management is termed, “Application Value Management” (AVM) by Sciente Consulting. In our view, portfolio approach to managing IT Applications can overcome the gaps in business-IT alignment. Doing so makes it easier to focus on strategic and operational goals, business value, creating sustainable competitive advantages, improved customer service, risks, resource constraints and the associated trade-offs instead of focusing only on traditional ROI metrics.

To mitigate the risks and to get the maximum returns in the shortest time at optimal cost, we recommend a two-phased approach to Application Value Management.

  • Application Rationalization – this is the phase in which the application portfolio is defined, and a set of recommendations is developed for the future direction for the portfolio
  • Application Portfolio Management – Once the direction is determined, a more detailed assessment is carried out to determine how this transition to the “to-be” state should be carried out. A business case for such a transition is carried out at this stage and various options like outsourcing and off-shoring of some of the applications are considered for better cost and resource management.