with a business purpose.

On Time, Every Time

In today’s era where business and technology are inseparable for insurance industry participants, the disciplines of project management and business analysis can no longer be completely separate areas of expertise. This is particularly true for insurance where systems and processes are complex and inter-related.

At Sciente Consulting, our project managers and business analysts apply both competencies as appropriate for each insurance situation. The advantage of this hybrid approach is that it greatly improves the probability of project success and overall quality by getting insurance solutions right the first time.

Our business analysts provide the foundational level of insurance solution design by defining functional analyses and logical designs. Our project managers have the right technology and insurance domain understanding and prefer to use Agile methods to ensure insurance business priorities are delivered successfully.

Our insurance services include:

  • Insurance requirements analysis
  • Insurance process mapping, process improvement, and process automation
  • Insurance solution analysis and evaluation
  • Proof of concept support for pilot product implementations or InsurTech solutions
  • Insurance program and project planning
  • Insurance project delivery management